Tuesday, August 13, 2013

a couple of successful things

1.  After years of baking cookies from scratch, I have discovered a new way to make cookies speedy quick and not too bad because when do hot cookies from the oven not taste good, right?  Have you tried those Nestle Tollhouse refrigerator cookies?  Whoa.  Pretty much yummy and quick.  Perfect for baking while camping.  Who knew?  Who bakes cookies while camping?  Me.  Jack picked up some of that dough at the Walmart in Winnemucca (makes total sense, right?) and we baked them by the side of the Truckee River.  That, that is one of the benefits of camping in a trailer.  Oven usage.  Hot cookies.  Try it.  They are a nice interlude between evenings of s'mores.

2.  Rusty is learning his new tricks right on schedule.  He's been here for a couple of months and tonight for the first time, he caught a piece of pizza crust that I tossed to him.  Then one from Jack.  Then another from me.  Now that is rewarding.  A dog learning tricks.  No more food bouncing off his nose when we toss him table scraps.  Danielle will be so happy with us.  I'm sure.  And he comes to whatever name we call him:  Rustaman(me), Rustoleum, (Jack), Russell or Rustle (the drummer), RusRus (Jack).  And anything else that starts with a RRRRUUUUSSSS sound.  Next we'll work on teaching him to jump up on the furniture.  We are such smart pet owners.

1 comment:

Lisa B. said...

1. I am So! Impressed! about the cookie baking while camping, even in a trailer.

2. Nice dog-training work! Just fyi, Bruiser is aces at jumping up on furniture. A real pro.