Wednesday, November 27, 2013

thanksgiving eve

Today was a day of pie baking. 

And tomorrow will be a day with all of our kids and grandkids and other family together here in the gardens.  I no longer take these moments for granted, but after all of the events and changes of life in the past few years, gratefully recognize these gatherings as the blessing they are. 

I wish the same for everyone.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

just so i'll remember

Last night I went to zumba class again.  I was hoping it would be the teacher who was there on Monday, because when I got close to her, I could see that we were close in age, and more than that, the class was just plain fun.

Alas, last night's teacher was not Monday night's teacher.  And I learned from a classmate that the Monday teacher is only a substitute so no way to know when she will be there.  Boo.

But I soldiered on.  I kept trying to do those salsa steps last night and I tried to wave my arms like I just don't care (because these zumba classes also include a bit of hip hop).  There was a lot of skipping steps too, but I just didn't have the strength or energy or something to get my big old self to skip fast.  And then towards the end of class, I simply couldn't keep up.  I kept losing track of the teacher in the mirror and also in the crowd of classmates, and they were all doing moves that I don't know if I'll ever figure out. 

Then I spotted myself in the mirror and in my mind it became clear that I am too old and solid to be moving around to music like that (all that stuff about girls showin' what you got or shakin' what you got or something). 

Pow!  Bam!  What was I thinking anyway?  What a loser lamely shuffling and waving those soggy arms.  KaPow!

After the music stopped, I headed directly to the locker room to pick up my jacket and purse, but because I'm old and weary and big, I couldn't remember the sequence of how to open the locker.  Just like jr high but I'm old now and shouldn't have to deal with that.

I thought I might just start to silently weep to my poor lame self.

And then I heard a voice say, hey, did you like the class?  You were doing great!  And I looked up and there was a woman from the class who I had noticed was not skipping either.  I was astonished.  I told her I didn't think I'd ever be able to keep up with the teacher or other kids in the class and she said I shouldn't worry about it, just keep coming, keep moving and I'd be fine. 

We continued talking as we walked out into the rainy night, about how we are not Jazz dancers and have real women bodies, and I cannot even tell you how glad I am that she stopped to encourage me. 

I had decided I was clearly too old to be working out to that music with those moves and had been ready to bag the gym, give up, and slink back to my recliner. 

I am so grateful to her.  I'm going to stand by her in class the next time I see her. 

And I'm headed back tonight for the 7:00 class where I will be looking more closely at my classmates to find a zumba class soulmate to stand by.

And I'll remind myself that this is an ongoing lifestyle change, a journey that I can enjoy if I just cut myself some slack and quit beating myself up.

Monday, November 18, 2013

bit of an update

ZUMBA--yes, I'm in love with zumba class.  Still cannot move my bottom like any of the teachers move theirs, but tonight, the teacher said it's all in the knees?  This, this is puzzling to me.  I'm pretty sure that my fellow classmates who understand that concept must have been in dance class in high school, and I am not a former dance class kid.  So for now, I'm workin' it my best and trying to avoid making eye contact with myself in the mirrors that are EVERYWHERE.  But definitely loving it.

FANTASY FOOTBALL--yes, I'm still leading our little league in points.  'Nuff said.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

might be better

This has been a long week.  Maybe more than a week.  But after another procedure and a lot of staying down, I think Jack's headache is finally gone.  Hope I didn't just jinx him.  Now he's back to only having the back and leg pain that was the start of this nightmare.  He told me yesterday there are definitely worse things than a bit of back pain.

I am looking forward to this new week.  Today, I'll tidy up a bit, do some dishes and some laundry, tend to my houseplants and my pets, and hopefully see some of my married kids and their kids. 

I can see blue sky outside and the sun is about to shine again.  Things are looking up around here.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

there was this and there was that

Jack and I are home from Phoenix.  It was different from other trips we've made to the races.

The Sunday race was, well, awesome.  Our seats were the first row of the upper section at the end of turn four, which probably doesn't mean a whole lot to most of you, but trust me, they were great seats.  They had backs, which is kind of a necessity for a long race while sitting in the beautiful November Phoenix sunshine.  But these seats also had a railing in front of them so we had a place to put our feet.  Sweet.  Also, we were at the end of the row, which is perfect.  Best of all, we were sitting right where the drivers hit the gas whenever the green flag flies, so we could feel those engines roar.  Also, the race was very competitive, and the winner didn't drive a ford, so that was all good.

But there was also most of the rest of the weekend that wasn't quite so great.  It included a spinal headache for Jack and ten hours at the ER and a not very fun procedure for him and an extremely rude and not very compassionate front desk clerk for me.  Pretty sucky is what that part all was.  I may have to resort to my excellent letter writing skills to express to that whoever is in charge at the hospital my displeasure with that whole deal. 

We thought it might have almost all been worth the effort until this morning when the headache returned.  Not sure what that means, still waiting for the local doctor to tell us what magic he has that will fix it. 

Poor Jack.  He has apparently used up all of his lifetime allotment of vacation enjoyment.  Or it seems that way considering the past two retreats.  For now, today, he has been sent back to bed hoping that by tomorrow the pain will subside and he will be able to get back to normal life.

Fingers crossed.  Seriously.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


This is what Phoenix looks like right outside the hotel window where Jack and I are staying this weekend because NASCAR is in Phoenix and so, of course, are we.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

just to keep a balance in the world

1.  The soffit, fascia, and rain gutters that were to be installed on the Provo house a week ago (after a five-week wait) have not even been fabricated yet because apparently they can't get "cameo" colored materials and somebody was supposed to contact me three weeks ago to have me pick a different color.  But nobody contacted me.  Today the service desk guy called to give me the good news that he had found another manufacturer who makes soffit, fascia, and rain gutter in "pearl" which is--I swear he said this--"exactly the same color as cameo."  And he can get it in a week or two.  Isn't that great?

2.  Jr's car is making a weird noise.  He described it as sounding like a whoopie cushion whenever he accelerated.  Jack thinks it's something to do with the exhaust system.  Isn't it good that we have an extra car right now?

3.  Took Jack in for another epidural in his back to try to ease his back pain and the shooting pain in his right leg.  He signed in with the front desk and then we waited and waited as one then another then another then everyone else in the waiting room was called back.  I asked how soon they would be taking him back and the receptionist assured me he would be called back in order.  And then she walked over to the door where all of the other patients went to get checked by the nurse before their procedures, whispered something to someone inside that room, and in less than ten seconds, Jack's name was called.  The person who called his name took us down a hallway, past all of the curtained rooms and asked us to wait for a nurse to come take his vitals and then the doc would be in to get him.  We waited 45 minutes.  I finally stepped into the hallway just as the doc walked by, who stopped and turned back towards me and said, "hey, wait, you guys got here early and now it's late and I haven't done your procedure yet."  We had entered the building with him earlier today before our waiting waiting waiting began.  I said I thought they had forgotten us. Twice.  The nurse came in and checked his vitals and the doc took him back and gave him his epidural and even though it took twice as long as we thought it would, it seems to be helping.  So that's good, right?

4.  The tenants have called and texted to let me know there is water rising up out of the floor drain in the basement laundry room of the Provo house.  They all deny having put anything unusual down the toilets or sinks.  Tomorrow will be a great day to call a plumber, right?

5.  Jr got word from his school that they'll likely not be providing any more financial aid to him.  Only two more semesters, but well, apparently they think he's received his share.  That certainly sucks.  But we'll figure out something, right?

So there you go. 

Saturday was not the usual day, with all of its me-time and a new car, and thank heavens today was not the usual day either.

Monday, November 4, 2013

fitness update

Tonight was my third zumba class.  In order to prepare, because I like to be prepared for class, right?--well, yesterday I spent a bit of time viewing YouTube videos of people zumba-ing.  I watched closely and tried to channel my inner butt shaker.

I'd like to say that tonight I was keeping up with the rest of the class--those under thirty-year-olds--in fact, I'd like to say I was teaching them, schooling them, if you will, but well that would not be true.

What would be true is that I moved more during this class than the last two, I picked up the pace a bit, shook it all up a bit more.

And, I sweated more than I have in like forever.

After one week, I'm headed to falling in love with zumba class.  I may be quick that way, but experience has taught me that if I stick with it for two weeks, I'll be in for good. 

One down.  One to go.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

not my average saturday

Today was busy, busy, busy. 

Started with sailing with Sugar--we only found one yard sale so we went to Einstein's for bagels and conversation.

Dropped her off and went home to change into my zumba clothes.  Three minutes later, at the gym with all of my new zumba buddies.  Still haven't figured out those bottom shaking-chest poppin' moves, but my how good it feels to be moving.  Today's class had two teachers, one who did the salsa-type moves and one who was seriously into the hiphop moves.  Pretty sure if I keep going to her classes that in a very short time I'll be doing the first 16 bars of All the Single Ladies.  Yep.  I can see that happening.

Back home to change into jeans and t-shirt and back on the road to see Sarah for a haircut.  See, if I'm going to do this zumba stuff, I'm pretty sure I'll need to stay on top of the sassy haircuts. 

Back home to convince Jack and Jr that we should go to Su Casa for lunch.  Warm chips with salsa and tacos and enchiladas.  Yum.

For some reason, Jack missed the usual turn to home and we ended up at the Scion dealer.  Bought the new TC we've been thinking about for a while.  The TC is a bit sassy too.  Kept my little Xa because I love that car and we can park it at work so Jack can drive it around on plant and if one of us needs to leave early, the other will still have a way home.

While Jack and Jr finished up the paperwork, I took the little Xa to Mimi's for a pedicure.

And then I came home.

This was not the usual Saturday.  But it was fun.  Worked out my body.  Sassed up my hair.  Refreshed my feet.  Enjoyed good food and fun conversation with all.  And a new car.  Sweet day.