Thursday, July 30, 2009

two things

1. My burned fingers have miraculously healed. Neosporin and bandaids. And not all that serious of burns, I guess--it must be true, I am a baby about pain.

2. Jr and I rode the bikes again tonight. This time we crossed the busy road and road around the tennis courts in that neighborhood, where a couple of adorable 17ish girls were serving tennis balls to each other and squealing when they missed the return of service. As we rode by, one of them called out, "I like your bike!" And I tossed back a "Thanks!"

Next time someone tells me they like my bike I am going to ring my bell twice and say "Thanks!"

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

too hot even for me

A word or two of warning--

When you put the casserole dish in the 400 degree oven to melt the cheese on the tasty chicken enchiladas and you use the hot pads to take the dish out of the oven to set it on the counter while you scoop out the yumminess, please remember these words--

Do not use your bare tallman and your thumkin to hold the casserole dish while you scoop the yumminess onto your plate because you will get burned.

Trust me.

oh my

Jr and I got out the bicycles tonight and rode the long way around the block, which I realize doesn't sound like a long way at all, and probably isn't a very long way, unless you have only been on a bike the short way around the block once in the last 75 years since your pre-car-driving teens, which accurately describes me.

Because I have been studying my brains out these past few weeks, I will give you the answer to this question--How was the bike ride? It is e.

a. Lovely.
b. Just like I remember bike riding, at least in the wind blowing through my hair, feeling the sun on my skin way of remembering.
c. A bit scary when we went on the sidewalk and I had to duck under tree branches and swerve around electrical or cable or some other kinds of large green metal boxes.
d. Clearly a good form of exercise for my legs and my heart and my lungs and my mind.
e. All of the above and more.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

what are the odds?

that this stats class will be the death of me? okay, not too probable, but still...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

cross that one off the list

On our second date, about a hundred years ago, Jack took me to the Student Union Building at the U to play pool. We drove my little Chevy Chevette and parked near the building and that was the place that he kissed me for the first time. In my car, at the University, under the trees.

Ever since then, I knew that Jack wanted a pool table in his house. For years, we lived in houses that were too small for a pool table. All through those years, we harbored the hope that Jack's mom would give us her pool table because it was in the basement of her old house and you were always hitting the end of the cue into the wall that was too close behind you. But those hopes were dashed when she moved to her current home, taking the pool table with her, and paying someone to set it up in her ginormous basement where you couldn't hit a wall with a pool cue if you threw it. (Perhaps a bit of hyperbole, which in a side note, was the word of the day on Merriam-Webster, just the day after I used it in my blog. Amazing.)

Back to the story.

Today, JoJo and I hopped into the truck and headed over to my parents' house for a visit. It's only a couple of miles away, but on the way, I spotted a yard sale sign that listed some of the really good crap they had for sale, like guitar amps and books and tables and a pool table and dishes. Yes, a pool table was for sale at that yard sale. And it was in one of the neighborhoods of my youth, smack dab in the middle of the trip to my parents' house.

And now, we own a pool table. With seven cues, a brand new set of acrylic balls (for which the previous owner told me several times he paid $200), and all the rest of the pool table fixin's necessary for a fun time in the basement.

Jack and the boys have headed over to bring the table home. Now if only we'd already completed that basement remodel.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

yes, let's all pat me on the back

Today has been one of my most productive, satisfying days in a long time. See if you don't agree.

1. Rose early, ate a healthy breakfast, worked out, showered and dressed.
2. Spent time on stats homework.
3. Bought only the items on the list at Albertson's and at Costco.
4. Washed dishes, laundry, tidied up.
5. Weeded all of the beds.
6. Deadheaded and pruned perennials back to their former beauty.
7. Mowed the front lawn.
8. Mowed the back lawn.
9. Cooled off in a nice, lukewarm bath.
10. Got back to the homework with a definite plan for a satisfying dinner.

And of course, I threw the ball about a billion times for JoJo.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

one of the saddest things of late

Okay, maybe not in the grand scheme of things or in the cosmic sense or in the, well, you get the idea. I do occasionally lean towards hyperbole. But still.

I am so missing new posts on some of my favorite blogs. Blogs that have been lost because of those other web places that people tell me are all the rage, the places to be, where many, many hordes of the internet want to be my friend and poke me and kick my trash in Scrabble and hear all about my virtual farm. Those sites where apparently all the cute pictures are posted, where hour by hour virtual high school reunions can and do occur.

Yes, I am talking about my face and space book.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

oh my gosh--i almost forgot to tell you about this

Last Friday, I headed downtown to meet my friend, Joey, for lunch and chatting at the Beehive Tea Room.

But first, I offered to drop off some papers at an attorney's office downtown for my boss, because, really, how big is downtown anyway? Let me say that while it might not seem so far to walk if say, you park at 200 South Main and then walk to 60 East South Temple and then back to 12 West 300 South, trust me, downtown is far.

Okay, maybe it is only far if it is 100 degrees outside and you are wearing your adorable black patent leather Barbie sandals. Oh yeh, you know the ones. Those very comfortable to sit in heels, easy to walk in the air conditioned office lovelies, not even too bad to walk a block or so slides? Those not-to-be-improved babies that make even the cankliest of legs look shapely? Yeh, those honeys. And 100 degrees of hot, dry mountain desert heat.

And did I mention the construction downtown that forces you to cross South Temple because the building you think is 60 East is really 10 East and 60 East is on the other side of that huge hole in the ground that used to be one of those downtown malls that nobody ever shopped at? Yes, it is far downtown. So far, in fact, that by the time I exited the building at 60 East and entered the temporary sidewalk I was forced to remove the hotie sandals and sling them over my shoulder as I limped my way to lunch. (Sidenote: The sparkly tile sidewalk is not too hot, but stay away from anything that looks like concrete and especially anything that looks like concrete covered with asphalt.)

As I rounded the corner of Main and 300 South, I spied Joey, who for some reason, felt tremendous guilt for my lack of common sense when it came to shoe choice. She forgave my bedraggled, sweaty self, even ordering our meal while I excused myself to the ladies' room to shower or at least clean up a bit. Seriously, who can eat with filthy feet?

Joey insisted that our meal was her treat for my birthday, which doesn't start until August 1 (and runs through August 31). That meal and the ambience and the company and the conversation and the lovely hour or so we spent together was delightful, delovely, delicious, and worth every bit of swollen, blistered nutsville I inflicted on myself.

Girls of the world, you simply must visit the Tea Room.

Monday, July 20, 2009

perhaps my biggest sailing score to date

On Saturday, Sugar and I headed out yard sailing. I must admit that if she had agreed to it, I would have simply headed to IHOP for breakfast, even though I'd already had my breakfast. I really just wanted to spend some time chatting.

But we saw a sign on her street, so we headed that way and there were several neighbors selling their crap. I don't think we bought much if anything. So we headed back towards the IHOP. I saw another sign just outside of our neighborhood, so we followed it to the house of a woman who used to work at Ann Taylor. Who grew out of her clothes. That were from Ann Taylor. That were gently used. From Ann Taylor.

Sugar bought most of the pants--for $1 a pair. That were from Ann Taylor where it isn't unusual for a pair of pants to be $124. Or at least $89.

And I found a suit for $5. A stylish jacket and slacks in a lovely summer weight fabric. $5.

Even the much overused AWESOME!! DUDE! does not adequately describe the feeling I have inside of me.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

if you're looking for someone to photograph a baby or two

Check out this site that belongs to Shi's sister-in-law, Wynona Robison. She's very good you see.

That's I told Stu I was thinking about posting some of Wynona's photos of the girls on my blog and he said she was okay with that but preferred that I post "hot links" instead of copying and pasting? Let me just say that I tried to figure out that hot link thing, failed, and need to do my homework now, so remember, if you want to see how really good Wynona is, go to her website.

ps About three months ago, after Stu was finally added to the transplant list, he told me he'd asked his coordinator (knowing that she couldn't give him a definite or even perhaps a really vaigue answer) if she had to guess, how long would it be before he got his new liver. She said that it could happen tomorrow or in a month or six months or a year or three years, but she thought it was typically about a year after listing.

I realized the other day that since it's already been three months since that conversation, that by this time next year, Stu will be feeling better than he has for his whole adult life.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

this dog is seriously amazing

A couple of days ago, Jack told Jr that he needed his help with something, and then headed out back with the camera. This is her "I'm watching" pose.

Did I mention that she loves to chase tennis balls?

Her smile indicates how much she loves this game.

the ongoing learning

The hospital entrance faces the west.

Last night as I left the hospital, the western sky directly over the mountains was orange, fading upward into light blue, then darker blue, then night sky blue--you know that color before the stars appear?

I will remember that sunset as the end of the day when I learned firsthand the meaning of two new words:

bacteremia: the presence of bacteria in the blood. The blood is normally a sterile environment, so the detection of bacteria in the blood is always abnormal. Bacteria can enter the bloodstream as a complication of liver disease and can have several consequences. The immune response to the bacteria can cause sepsis (blood poisoning) and septic shock, which has a relatively high mortality rate.

ascites: an accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity. Although most commonly due to cirrhosis and severe liver disease, its presence can portend other significant medical problems. Detected on physical examination of the abdomen by visible bulging of the flanks in the reclining patient ("flank bulging"), "shifting dullness" (difference in percussion note in the flanks that shifts when the patient is turned on the side) or in massive ascites with a "fluid thrill" or "fluid wave" (tapping or pushing on one side will generate a wave-like effect through the fluid that can be felt in the opposite side of the abdomen).

Monday, July 13, 2009

i have so much to tell you

Don't worry, I'm not going to spill it all in one post. I just can't decide where to start.

Okay, I've made the decision. I need to tell you about the ocean. Because we didn't take the camera, you're going to have to put on your imagining hats and work with me.

We decided to go to the ocean on Saturday, but we didn't decide which beach to go to. Since we were in the rental car--a PT Cruiser--we got on some freeway-type road and I figured out, as the navigator, where we were and where the closest beach was located. It was Ocean Beach. That's the name of the town as well as the name of the beach. Clever, eh?

The cool thing about Ocean Beach is that it isn't just a people beach, it's also a dog beach. Yes, a DOG BEACH! How great is that? We saw no, none, not a bit of dog poo, but if I were you, I would never touch seaweed again, if you ever thought about touching it before. Dogs pee on it.

So, back to the beach. Imagine a long stretch of sandy beach on a beautiful, not too hot, not too cold summer day, and imagine about a thousand dogs and their thousand owners. All sizes, shapes, colors, ages, and the dogs were different breeds too! (sorry, couldn't help myself)

There were so many dogs--dogs running, chasing, leaping, barking, wagging, resting, digging--any dog activity you can think of, except, well, there was no breeding or biting, and very little growling. IT WAS GREAT! I couldn't stop thinking about how much JoJo would have enjoyed that beach. Next time we need a vacation road trip, I'm taking the dog to Ocean Beach.

And then the other cool thing about Ocean Beach was the ocean. I'm kind of a baby about the ocean and the waves and the coldness and all of that sandy, salty water. But it was so hot that we headed to the people beach and I waded out and let the waves splash up over my feet, up to my knees, and before I knew it, I was getting splashed around the ears. (I think I still have ocean water in my right ear. I can hear it.) Anyway. Think about ocean waves, lifting you up, setting you down, lifting you up, setting you down. And think about the sound of kids laughing and playing. And think about water so dark blue--like this color--and think about that ocean cooling your overheated skin, soothing you, calming you. I have not felt so calm in years. It was perfect.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

we're outta here again

when jack and i get back from san diego, i'll have to post photos of my beautiful pots of annuals that are out on the deck.

i know, surprise! i actually purchased some annuals!

oh, wait, you're probably surprised that we are once again on another working vacation, right? or that we've gone west instead of east for a change. and that we are in the beautiful southern california weather--mid-70's during the day, mid-60's at night--and there's an ocean within walking distance!! suweet! holy cow, i'm seriously all about the exclamation marks today!!!

which is my way of saying that even though i'm typing in no caps, it isn't because i'm too sick or too tired or any of my other usual lazy girl excuses. i'm, well, just too lazy to use my shift because, hello, we're in laid-back southern california. and it's beautiful here. and we just walked back to our hotel--marriott with the amazing marriott bed--after eating southern california tacos and burritos. and even if we don't make it to seaworld--which i love--or to the zoo--which i love--and we missed the michael jackson funeral and all--which we didn't get tickets for--we have an ocean within walking distance and ocean access with sandy beaches or tide pool beaches or cliffs. in case we feel like cliff diving. because we even brought our swimsuits.

Monday, July 6, 2009

that girl

Last Friday night, after Audrey's new baby sister, Ellie, was born, it was my responsibility to take the big sister to the dr. house to see mommy and daddy. As we drove to the hospital, I asked Audrey if she wanted some chicken nuggets and fries, knowing that if she said no, she would absolutely not eat a bite of the food even if it was fruit snacks or ice cream--both of which she turned down during the past week--but she said yes, she wanted some ticken nugs and fies. So I immediately made a u-turn into the McDonald's, which is when she hollered out in joy, "THE EAT HOUSE THE EAT HOUSE!!!"

We drove up and ordered the food and then we had to wait for two minutes while they cooked our nuggets up fresh (uh, huh?) and when they brought the sack of fries and chicken to the car I could smell that fresh french fry smell that brings back memories of riding home from Dee's in the car with my mom refusing to let us eat the fries until we got home, but finally caving in after, oh, all of 1/4 mile. And I said to Audrey, "Don't those fries smell good?" And she said, "Uhhu gamma, I need some in my mouth. Now."

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Saturday, July 4, 2009

after many false starts

One day, they looked like this

and in that miracle called life, they changed to this

Introducing Eleanor Moleta Wilde, born July 3, 2009, 5 lbs 14 oz, 18 in, soft, fuzzy blond hair, dimples you could fall into, strong, healthy cry, amazing mom and dad and big sister