Saturday, November 2, 2013

not my average saturday

Today was busy, busy, busy. 

Started with sailing with Sugar--we only found one yard sale so we went to Einstein's for bagels and conversation.

Dropped her off and went home to change into my zumba clothes.  Three minutes later, at the gym with all of my new zumba buddies.  Still haven't figured out those bottom shaking-chest poppin' moves, but my how good it feels to be moving.  Today's class had two teachers, one who did the salsa-type moves and one who was seriously into the hiphop moves.  Pretty sure if I keep going to her classes that in a very short time I'll be doing the first 16 bars of All the Single Ladies.  Yep.  I can see that happening.

Back home to change into jeans and t-shirt and back on the road to see Sarah for a haircut.  See, if I'm going to do this zumba stuff, I'm pretty sure I'll need to stay on top of the sassy haircuts. 

Back home to convince Jack and Jr that we should go to Su Casa for lunch.  Warm chips with salsa and tacos and enchiladas.  Yum.

For some reason, Jack missed the usual turn to home and we ended up at the Scion dealer.  Bought the new TC we've been thinking about for a while.  The TC is a bit sassy too.  Kept my little Xa because I love that car and we can park it at work so Jack can drive it around on plant and if one of us needs to leave early, the other will still have a way home.

While Jack and Jr finished up the paperwork, I took the little Xa to Mimi's for a pedicure.

And then I came home.

This was not the usual Saturday.  But it was fun.  Worked out my body.  Sassed up my hair.  Refreshed my feet.  Enjoyed good food and fun conversation with all.  And a new car.  Sweet day.

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Jessie said...

Man, how did I miss this?! So fun! Sounds like a great Saturday.