Tuesday, November 5, 2013

just to keep a balance in the world

1.  The soffit, fascia, and rain gutters that were to be installed on the Provo house a week ago (after a five-week wait) have not even been fabricated yet because apparently they can't get "cameo" colored materials and somebody was supposed to contact me three weeks ago to have me pick a different color.  But nobody contacted me.  Today the service desk guy called to give me the good news that he had found another manufacturer who makes soffit, fascia, and rain gutter in "pearl" which is--I swear he said this--"exactly the same color as cameo."  And he can get it in a week or two.  Isn't that great?

2.  Jr's car is making a weird noise.  He described it as sounding like a whoopie cushion whenever he accelerated.  Jack thinks it's something to do with the exhaust system.  Isn't it good that we have an extra car right now?

3.  Took Jack in for another epidural in his back to try to ease his back pain and the shooting pain in his right leg.  He signed in with the front desk and then we waited and waited as one then another then another then everyone else in the waiting room was called back.  I asked how soon they would be taking him back and the receptionist assured me he would be called back in order.  And then she walked over to the door where all of the other patients went to get checked by the nurse before their procedures, whispered something to someone inside that room, and in less than ten seconds, Jack's name was called.  The person who called his name took us down a hallway, past all of the curtained rooms and asked us to wait for a nurse to come take his vitals and then the doc would be in to get him.  We waited 45 minutes.  I finally stepped into the hallway just as the doc walked by, who stopped and turned back towards me and said, "hey, wait, you guys got here early and now it's late and I haven't done your procedure yet."  We had entered the building with him earlier today before our waiting waiting waiting began.  I said I thought they had forgotten us. Twice.  The nurse came in and checked his vitals and the doc took him back and gave him his epidural and even though it took twice as long as we thought it would, it seems to be helping.  So that's good, right?

4.  The tenants have called and texted to let me know there is water rising up out of the floor drain in the basement laundry room of the Provo house.  They all deny having put anything unusual down the toilets or sinks.  Tomorrow will be a great day to call a plumber, right?

5.  Jr got word from his school that they'll likely not be providing any more financial aid to him.  Only two more semesters, but well, apparently they think he's received his share.  That certainly sucks.  But we'll figure out something, right?

So there you go. 

Saturday was not the usual day, with all of its me-time and a new car, and thank heavens today was not the usual day either.

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