Sunday, November 17, 2013

might be better

This has been a long week.  Maybe more than a week.  But after another procedure and a lot of staying down, I think Jack's headache is finally gone.  Hope I didn't just jinx him.  Now he's back to only having the back and leg pain that was the start of this nightmare.  He told me yesterday there are definitely worse things than a bit of back pain.

I am looking forward to this new week.  Today, I'll tidy up a bit, do some dishes and some laundry, tend to my houseplants and my pets, and hopefully see some of my married kids and their kids. 

I can see blue sky outside and the sun is about to shine again.  Things are looking up around here.


Lisa B. said...

here's hoping that the magic combination of treatment and rest will result in a fuller recovery for Jack. sorry to hear about this.

Jessie said...

This has indeed been a long week, and it's not quite over yet. I'm exhausted just thinking about the drive with the baby, but I just can't wait to get there. See you so!soon!