Tuesday, November 12, 2013

there was this and there was that

Jack and I are home from Phoenix.  It was different from other trips we've made to the races.

The Sunday race was, well, awesome.  Our seats were the first row of the upper section at the end of turn four, which probably doesn't mean a whole lot to most of you, but trust me, they were great seats.  They had backs, which is kind of a necessity for a long race while sitting in the beautiful November Phoenix sunshine.  But these seats also had a railing in front of them so we had a place to put our feet.  Sweet.  Also, we were at the end of the row, which is perfect.  Best of all, we were sitting right where the drivers hit the gas whenever the green flag flies, so we could feel those engines roar.  Also, the race was very competitive, and the winner didn't drive a ford, so that was all good.

But there was also most of the rest of the weekend that wasn't quite so great.  It included a spinal headache for Jack and ten hours at the ER and a not very fun procedure for him and an extremely rude and not very compassionate front desk clerk for me.  Pretty sucky is what that part all was.  I may have to resort to my excellent letter writing skills to express to that whoever is in charge at the hospital my displeasure with that whole deal. 

We thought it might have almost all been worth the effort until this morning when the headache returned.  Not sure what that means, still waiting for the local doctor to tell us what magic he has that will fix it. 

Poor Jack.  He has apparently used up all of his lifetime allotment of vacation enjoyment.  Or it seems that way considering the past two retreats.  For now, today, he has been sent back to bed hoping that by tomorrow the pain will subside and he will be able to get back to normal life.

Fingers crossed.  Seriously.

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Johanna said...

That sounds terrible! I'm so sorry for him. I hope he gets well soon...for both of your sakes.