Saturday, September 7, 2013

oh the things i'll do

I've been laying around a bit of late.  Perhaps not really just of late.  And not for any particular reason other than I think I've gotten a bit soft and perhaps a bit lazy.

But today.  Today I have plans.

In just a few hours I'll pick up Sugar and we will sail.  Yard sail.  We will put out into the cosmos the things we most need that we don't want to pay a lot for.  We will talk and laugh and find things we didn't even know existed and certainly didn't know we must have.  We will buy homemade treats from little kids.  We will stop somewhere when our money is nearly all spent and our energy levels are sagging and we will refresh ourselves with food and drink.  And then I will return her to her home with her new treasures and I will stop to drop off mine at my house.

Then I will fill my little car with cleaning supplies and spackle and paint and painting supplies and I will head to the Provo house where I will set out my radio and crank up the music.  I will pull out all of the picture-hanging nails and I will spackle and fill all of the holes in the walls.  I will dust and wipe and vacuum and scour away the dead spiders and dust and gunk.  I will clean the living room, the kitchen, the bedrooms, and the bathroom.  I will put on a fresh coat of paint wherever it is needed.  I will take down the dusty curtains, wash and dry them, and put them back up.  I will sweep and mop the tile floors and I will vacuum and clean carpets.  And when I am done, that little basement apartment will sparkle, and hopeful new tenants will come begging me to let them, please allow them to pay me for the honor of living in that adorable, cozy space.  And sometime in the next few days, after much consideration, I will chose one lucky tenant to live in and care for that space for a while.

And I will greet the four ducks who live out back and I will visit with the upstairs tenant for a few minutes or perhaps longer because she is really quite a delight and the ducks can be very entertaining.  And if the recently-departed downstairs tenants haven't come back for their Bowflex yet, I will move it from the side yard into my little car and it will become my latest treasure, one that will build up my muscles and strengthen and lean out my body, so that soon I will be sleek and gracious.

And then, I will gather my supplies and return home for an evening watching racing on the tellie.  And somehow, a good meal will appear, our bellies will be full, and I will smile at Jack and Jr and I will delight in my new treasures and I will be satisfied with my day's effort.

~~okay, wait, the Bowflex is probably gone by now.  And probably, even if it's still there, I won't be able to lift it or maybe even fit it into my little car.  And if I get it home, I'll have a hard time convincing Jack we need to set it up next to the treadmill and cardioglide that we currently use to hang clothes on in our bedroom.  And if we're being honest, this is probably too much to expect to accomplish in one day.  But it is a small apartment and I stopped there a couple of weeks ago so I have a pretty good idea about what needs to be done and I can be all kinds of efficient and speedy when called upon to do so.  And I could go back tomorrow if necessary.  But mostly, this is my blog and my dream for how this day will go perfectly and smoothly and how I will accomplish all that I am setting out to do, so just go with me on this, okay?~~

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Lisa B. said...

Listen, the abandoned (hope hope hope) Bowflex was my favorite part of that story! I know you can get it into your car, I just know it!

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