Friday, December 27, 2013

christmas wrap up

Well, I got all of the things done.  Very happy with the card.  The presents were bought and wrapped and given and pretty much enjoyed (according to Audrey "Best Christmas Ever!").  Some of the usual cookies were baked, although no cutting out and baking and frosting this year.  I made a conscious decision to not make any candy and am putting out a big thank you to Jr's friend who brought over the toffee from Trader Joe's.  The cheeseballs were, as always, a big hit.  The meals together were worth the effort.  The tree was beautiful.  Jack gave me Italian--the Rosetta Stone package to teach me to speak Italian.  Cannot wait to get started on that.

And now, Jack and I are in California, parts of the day with the girls and Cory at their house and parts of the day with Jessie and Leo at the hospital.  Poor little guy, big sucky asthma has laid him low.  But he is improving (at least I'm told the rattling sound in his chest is improvement), and maybe tomorrow they'll be back home. 

After a day or two, we'll head home, unpack and tidy up, take the ornaments off the tree, and settle in to wait for the birth of the newest little grandson.  Soon.  He'll be here soon.

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Lisa B. said...

The card was, btw, genius. So completely enjoyable and elegantly designed. Well done! Drive home safely, I hope Leo is better very soon, and Italian! Will there be, perhaps, a trip to Italy whereupon to practice it in situ, as it were?