Tuesday, December 2, 2014


We are still living in the basement, but getting closer to moving back upstairs.  The floors are beautiful.  The new closets are just what we needed.  The fireplace is warm and quiet yet so easy to use and environmentally sound.  Maybe we'll move back upstairs this weekend.  No promises.

Thanksgiving was, well, quiet.  No grandkids in the house for the feast.  Unless you count the one growing in Whitney's tiny belly.  Yes, we will be adding a new little drummer to the family in May to join the Apple geek that is expected in the Californian family in April.

I suppose I'll need to come up with a new name for the Californians now that they are back.  For now, they are living fairly close to us, which has been great.  They arrived on a Sunday two weeks ago and we've seen them every few days since.  Going to visit in California was fun, certainly, but occasionally, or maybe even regularly, a bit intense.  All of that togetherness.  Having them back is so great, getting to see each other in smaller, more frequent doses.  And as much as I loved going to see them by myself, I am even more pleased to see them interacting with their cousins and siblings.  Certainly there can't be anything much better than seeing your children enjoying each others' company as adults.

These two pics are at the drummer's house on the day they finally told everybody about their pregnancy.  That was a hard secret to keep. I wish I had pictures of my kids interacting after they told the secret.  Everybody seemed so happy for them, offered so much support--it touched my heart and made me think maybe they were all remembering how it feels to be starting the journey of parenthood. 

We all got together for dinner on Stu's birthday last Sunday.  We haven't figured out furniture yet in the rooms with the new floor, so I got the brilliant idea to lay down a blanket for the kids to sit on for a picnic for dinner.  Jr offered to sit with them in order to encourage everyone to behave and eat their dinner quickly so we could have birthday cake.  He is one seriously awesome uncle.   

Calvin was banished(?) to the playpen during dinner, yet was still such a happy boy.  I'm looking forward to seeing Leo and Calvin becoming great buddies in the next few months.

And in other news, guess who made it to her weight goal at Weight Watchers tonight?

Clearly JoJo is so proud of me.

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