Saturday, June 20, 2015

getting outahere

When we started the remodel and other changes around here a few months ago, I knew there was going to come a point when we would need to get away for a few days and that point would coincide with the near completion of the remodel project so Jack would be ready for a break and feel able to leave.

My thought was that intersection of points would be around Jack's birthday, June 19.

I was so right. 

And so smart because I planned a couple of trips for his birthday, one over the past few days and one coming up in mid-July. 

Last Wednesday night, we decided to go to the movies.  We chose Jurassic World with the understanding that we don't require much from a movie to pronounce it a good movie.  It must be entertaining (either lots of action or a good story or if lucky, both), and it must distract us for a couple of hours, keep us from thinking about the current events.

With that criteria in mind, Jack's review of Jurassic World was that it was okay.  He thought it was a repeat of Jurassic Park, and with the exception of a scene between the brothers wherein one brother announces his intent to always take care of his brother (which, obviously was a tender moment for Jack), so except for that scene, it took Jack's mind off of work, the remodel, and other stuff he is trying to deal with.

My review would be that it had lots of dinosaur fighting and was similar to the original Jurassic except lots more people were attacked and eaten by the dinosaurs and we didn't get a chance to meet and care about or hate all of them.  So, it entertained and distracted us for a couple of hours.

Also, for Jr's sake, I'll point out that there were several youngsters at the showing we attended.  So, I'm obviously not the only mom who agrees to take a three-year-old to see a scary show about dinosaurs that eat people when he begs to go.  Those kids were crying throughout the movie though, unlike Jr, who fell asleep right at the start of Jurassic Park and didn't wake up until the last scene. Still.  I do feel a bit guilty about that, Jr.

Thursday morning we packed up the truck and headed to Durango, Colorado, to ride the narrow gauge steam engine from Durango to Silverton on Friday, because I figured Jack loves trains and would love a chance to ride a train from the 1800's, right?  My boss suggested we drive over to Grand Junction and then south through Ouray, Silverton and into Durango.  We got a late start, so the last hour or so of the drive was in the dark, through mountains that are filled to capacity with deer.  It was intense.  But the views for the two hours before the scary deer-filled hours were so beautiful.  But the deer.  So grateful none of them needed to cross the road directly in front of our truck.

Jack seemed to enjoy the train and the ride up the canyon to Silverado.

Sooo close to the rock walls of the canyon...I tried to get a shot of the incredible view of the river from the cliffs the train track is on, but my phone couldn't adequately capture it.  Trust me.  It was--well, awesome.  Awe inspiring.  Incredible.

Today we got up and headed to Mesa Verde. 

The hike we chose included lots of steps and ladders.  We are clearly not in the excellent physical shape we thought.  It was hot and we were (or at least I was) winded at the end.

We both felt a bit conflicted at Mesa Verde--it was interesting to see, but the ranger pointed out that the crowds of visitors are causing compaction of the soil, which is causing damage to the structures.  We both wondered if we all shouldn't be satisfied to see it from a distance.  But it was very cool to see again--I'd gone as a kid with my family, both on the train and to Mesa Verde.  Both were new to Jack. 

So for Jack's birthday, two days of distractions, which may have been the best gift I could have given him this year.


Lisa B. said...

Looks like you went to Cliff Palace? Us too! It was so cool. I had never been. Now I'm researching the zillions of Ancestral Puebloan sites in New Mexico and Arizona and Utah--soooo many! I feel the need for a serial pilgrimage coming on.

Jessie said...

A group selfie!? And I love the pics of dad by the trains. I'm so glad you had a good, distracting time, and that you didn't hit any deer!