Sunday, November 1, 2015

post halloween

Trying to get a shot of Jessie's bunch--my robber girl with her sweet bag of loot, a distracted Batman, a posing angel, some minecraft character I don't know, and a worn-out darling devil.

Stu and Shi's bunch--Shi with a princess who I don't think was created by Disney, with a princess who was created by Disney, and their funny little monkey.

And this adorable little pink-eared sweetie with the Drummer's wife.

Jessie facetimed me last night while we were outside--Jr, his friend Joe, Jack, and me--massive quantities of frightening children--not tiny children or even small children, but older children, teenagers, and parents of tiny children who were being kept out way too late.  Dozens and dozens of visitors to Jr's  scary space.  I couldn't stop laughing--it was hilarious--as noted by Jessie.  Over and over. 

She is probably right, I do love Halloween.

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