Wednesday, March 16, 2016

the unexpected turn of events in florida--part 2

I thought the worst part of our potter trip to Florida was tendonitis.

Holy cow was I ever wrong.

This is Jr sleeping during the day in Florida.  Or trying to sleep.  But he was in serious pain and had nausea with accompanying vomiting, etc.  We thought it was a stomach bug.

We dragged him around the hotel and airport and he dragged luggage and eventually we got on the plane for home. 

By the time our nearly five hour flight was finished, it had become clear to me that Jr was really sick.  Something serious was wrong.  I didn't know what it was, but I knew it required an ER visit.  STAT.

We checked into the ER at 11:30.  Blood work, urinalysis, poking/prodding, and ct scan confirmed he was suffering from appendicitis and needed an appendectomy.  STAT.  They took him back around 5:30 saying they'd be back in an hour.  Two and a half hours later, he came out of surgery, minus his just-beginning-to-rupture appendix, and feeling so.much.better.

It is no good seeing your kid feeling so crappy that he tells the nurse his pain level is a "ten" and you know he truly understands what that means.  So glad he's feeling better.  Hoping he's on the way to all better soon.


Jake Wilde said...

You didn't mention the part where I told the or staff sorry I was being such a diva. They laughed and that was the last thing I remember.

Joey said...

Wow! What a close call. I'm glad he got it taken care of. Doctors are so great.