Tuesday, January 31, 2017

things i've already learned about retirement

After less than two days of retirement, I've already learned/realized several things.

1.  It would be very easy to sit in my chair all day, excluding the time spent fetching food, letting dogs out and back in, etc.  Note:  I have not done this.  I figured this out very early yesterday morning and if there's one thing I am, it's a getter-doner.  So I've made sure I got some stuff done each day.  Like, for example, I did the laundry yesterday.  Today I folded it and put it away.  And I washed the bedding and have clean sheets and blankets to sleep under tonight.  I met Jack, Jr, Jessie and her two youngest kids for lunch today.  Also today, I wandered through the house and made a list of projects--big and small--to keep myself busy and productive.  This list goes along with the list I made when first considering retirement that included daily tasks and/or options but also numerous potential vacation spots to plan for and dream about.  I love me a good list and I have a couple of good ones now.
2.  I can now spread over an entire week all of the tasks I used to do in two or three days of a weekend.  This is the definition of glorious.  Look it up in the dictionary.  Or someplace.  Or don't.  But it is awesome to have that extra 40+ hours to use however I choose.
3.  I've been doing all of the things for so long that I thought it would take me some big amount of time to slow down.  That was a big misunderstanding in my head.  This is like Christmas break without the stress, which is the main reason why I retired.  Lower the stress level.
4.  Also, yes to pancakes.

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