Saturday, February 4, 2012

walkin' on sunshine

Sometimes there are good times all around.

Like breakfast, lunch, or cookies with good friends.

Weather that insists I wash my car, and if nothing else, I listen when the weather tells me to do something.

A shiny new library card that will allow me to e-check books on my Nook.

A big tax refund--I know, Suzy Orman, I should change my deductions and get that money working for me each paycheck, and perhaps I'll do that this year, but right now, a big tax refund feels pretty good.

And a yard sale conducted by people who bought the contents of a storage shed and were selling it. Seriously, we ran across people who thought they were on storage wars, living right in little ole Lehi. It was so overwhelming I couldn't buy a thing. Not even that adorable little serving platter. I may regret that.

And on a completely different note, Jack and I recently watched Good Will Hunting and we enjoyed it just fine. I know, we should have seen it years ago. Can I just say that I wish I'd had the kind of therapy that Robin Williams performed on Good Will, the kind where all of a sudden you have this amazing breakthrough and then! WHAM!! You're fixed!!! Healed! Whole!!!! Where do I get that?

Last night we watched Contagion. I am no longer touching anything, including and especially my face. Ka-reep-ee.


Lisa B. said...

Wasn't Contagion chilling? AGREED.

Jessie said...

A tax refund?!? I'm hoping to be so lucky. Frankly, I'd love to even just break even. We shall see what happens. We've been working for the man and paying regular taxes... that means it should hopefully happen, right?

Haven't seen either of those movies. But you know, it seems like that kind of healing can kind of happen at least in some cases--I think about Preston, and how much better he was immediately after they figured out what was going on with him. Not 100% better of course, but so. much. better. I think that's a lot more realistic.

And I'm pretty sure I don't need to see a movie that makes me not want to touch my face. Eek.

Joey said...

I felt that way for days after watching Contagion, too. It's amazing how much stuff we touch throughout the day. And, did you notice how often people cough in a theater?