Friday, February 24, 2012

my views

JoJo, doing one of her favorite things--destroying a soda bottle after she has removed the lid in under nine seconds.

This is the view from my chair, looking out the window in the study this morning. The light on the tree was eye catching. If you look closely, you can see the remnant of spidey's web in the upper corner of the window. I sometimes think I should go out and clean that up, but what if, by some miracle, he has survived the warm winter we've had and by destroying his web, I kill off all of his babies? And, besides, in order to get to his web, I have to push past the monstrously big barberry bush, that lovely red bush with all of those hatefully long spikey thorns. I fear my fragile skin would not survive that experience. So I'll leave the web as it is for now.

This is the view out my kitchen window this morning. Gaaa. Dishes to wash, counters to wipe.

And this is the view of my pantry. It is good to have food. It is better to be able to find the food. I should tidy this up today too.

This, and this are the drawings on my whiteboard, courtesy of the extremely talented Ms Audrey. I think the thing on the right is a house full of critters and a couple of cars. But I didn't ask her to explain it and I didn't want to erase it (in anticipation of new art this weekend) until I took a moment to document it. So creative that girl.

Also, these are on my counter. Jack picked them out while we were shopping at Costco last weekend. Brilliant colors, but just one question. Whatever is that big pink one in the middle? I've googled tulip-shaped flowers, artichoke-shaped flowers, pink flowers, and tropical flowers (as well as many combinations of those descriptive phrases) and can't find one like it or the name of it. Puzzling. I'm hoping my little bro will read this post and provide an answer. Because he knows stuff like that.

An update on the bff project between the dogs and cats around here.

Yeh, somebody is having fun. Two somebodies. They are not the cats.

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Joey said...

I can't stand to erase the artwork on my whiteboards either. It's the sweetest.

Hope you are well, my friend.