Sunday, March 4, 2012

what a day

I spent yesterday morning laughing and talking with Sugar and Colleen. Wow can we laugh and talk together.

Then Jack and I headed to the aquarium for Audrey's five-year-old birthday bash. That place was a zoo. Or an aquarium. Or both. An amazingly large number of exhibits as well as an equally large number of people viewing the exhibits. But she seemed to love it and yesterday is the first time I've ever seen jellyfish, an octopus, and actual live seahorses. And otters. It was pretty much cool.

After the wildlife viewing, we headed back to Audrey's house for her pirate party. There were treasure chests loaded with all kinds of loot or booty or treasure. And her mom made a great cake shaped like a pirate hat. It was a mighty fine party.

Midway through the party my brother called to tell me my dad had fallen and was on the way to the hospital. I met them there, and eventually, we were told that not only has dad broken his ankle, but he also has pneumonia. And his ankle will need to be surgically repaired. I'm typing from his hospital room where mom and I are waiting (patiently, right) for the doctors to decide how to balance the broken ankle that needs to be reconstructed and the pneumonia and his diabetes and his age. He just wants some coffee and breakfast. Stat.


Jessie said...

That is quite the mixed-bag of a day. I'm glad you still see all the good from it. Sometimes it's just so easy to see the bad. I hope everyone gets feeling better, and soon.

Joey said...

Wow! Life can give you whiplash, can't it? The emotional roller coaster never ends. I hope your dad is doing well. And 5 year old Aubrey. That went fast!

Joey said...

Typos. Too early in the morning. Audrey.