Thursday, March 22, 2012

probably the last post about the spring break trip

Jr and I laughed and talked and eased our way to and from California.

Likely the trip went as well as it did because of the play list he put together on his iPOD--all of his favorite artists, shuffled, that played for all 13 hours there and at least 10 of the hours coming back. (Adele, Florence & the Machine, Pink, Regina Spector, Robin, and a whole bunch more that I can't remember but expect he'll identify in the comments below.) There were only a couple of repeats--mostly the ones I requested so I could sing them a second time. [Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky-tacky...]

And if that weren't enough, he also downloaded podcasts of This American Life, which is my favorite hour on the radio each week even though I rarely hear it because I don't usually have the radio on on the weekends, so we listened to it as we drove through the dark, snowing, blowing storm between Wendover and Tooele. Those podcasts are probably the thing that got us through nightmare. That and the new tires.

Also, Jr honked his horn all the way through the Carlin tunnel that I-80 goes through just before Elko, because I told him it's the law. Or, maybe it would just be fun. And we laughed out loud all the way through it and he realized it was highly exhilarating, and if it isn't required by the law, maybe, just maybe it should be.

I'm glad he suggested we go and I'm glad we decided to go and I'm really glad we have such good times together. [gentle fist/knuckle bump inserted here.]


Lisa B. said...

doesn't this sound like a pile of fun. so glad you had such a great time! (I would welcome more detail on that playlist.)

Joey said...

I remember singing the Ticky Tacky song in Junior High chorus. Mr. Flinders really broadened our outlook.

I just love road trips. I remember taking one with Sarah where we sang songs done by 60's girl groups for 8 hours. Best of times.