Thursday, March 29, 2012

waiting in traffic

Got on the freeway tonight after school. Immediately realized traffic was stopped. More stopped than usual through the construction zone that is more than half of my school commute.


But it was a beautiful day.

And I didn't have anyplace specific to be.

So I drove. Five miles per hour in the slow lane. Until I passed the big suburban that had stalled in the middle lane. Stopped at an odd angle, obviously, the woman driving it had tried to get it off to the side of the road, but there is no side of the road there, and I suspect no one would let her over as she coasted to a stop. Poor dear.

Picked up the pace a bit after that. Up to ten miles per hour. Still in the slow lane. Until I passed the emergency vehicles and tow truck and clean up crew--and the car that had been on fire. Whoa. Bad day for that dude.

Picked up the pace again. Fifteen miles per hour through that part of the construction where we drop from four down to three lanes. Stop. Go. Stop. Go. Merging traffic into the slow lane. Hey wait, is that guy behind me Dale Earnhardt Jr? Looks like him. Where are they racing this weekend? Oh, wait. Can't be him. He's driving a Honda Civic. No way Jr's driving a Honda. Or a stinkin' Ford.

Nice day for a slow drive today.

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