Monday, March 12, 2012

stress eating perhaps?

Friday midmorning snacks: Package of two Gramma's oatmeal raisin cookies and bag of baked Lay's chips. Really? Cookies and chips? (At least they were healthy--oatmeal cookies, baked chips, right?)

Yesterday lunch at 2:00: In N Out Burger Double-Double, animal style with a handful of fries.
Yesterday dinner at 3:30: Tender, slow-cooked pot roast with roasted carrots, mashed potatoes, and gravy. (I'm blaming this lunch immediately right into dinner run-on situation on that daylight savings time change thing.)

Yes, we are a bit stressed.

But tonight, dad got up (with the assistance of a walker and a really strong nurse) and pivoted himself from the wheelchair into his bed after dinner.

I applauded. (And helped myself to only one See's cherry chocolate from mom's stash near the TV.)


Shi said...

It's okay sometimes you just need to have that "bad" food. It helps calm those silly nerves. Love you!

Lisa B. said...

at this point in my life, stress eating = eating, full stop.

at this point in my life, this probably needs to change.