Wednesday, March 21, 2012

things i want to remember about that trip to california

This is our trip back through the Sierra Nevada mountains. We thought it was intense, driving through snow and fog on slippery roads with police directing people to either go ahead or stop to put on chains or turn around. Several hours later though, it seemed like nothing compared to the hour drive just this side of Wendover when the snow and wind began and was so furious that we could only see the lines on the road and maybe five feet in front of the car. Driving in the dark in a snowstorm is way more scary that driving in a daytime/fog/snowstorm.

All in all, Jr and I had a great little spring break. So many good times to remember--I'll remember these:

1. Enjoying hours and hours with my sweet, patient girl.
2. Watching Jr enjoy parktime and oceantime and drivingtime with Jessie's girls. How many uncles do this and have fun?
3. Cailin's extreme need to impress on us all how very much she likes going to the park to feed the ducks. Seeing her earnest face looking up at us after overhearing me mention to Jessie that we could go to the park to feed the ducks, loudly exclaiming PAAARKKK FEEEEED DUCKSSS, LLLLLLLLLLLOVE PAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRK, FEEEEEEEED DUCKSSSSS...only wish I'd had my camera handy.
4. Janey's frequent use of the words, "Got it?" Apparently she's heard her mom use that phrase (go find some socks and get your shoes and put them on, got it?) and so she says it. Often. Adorable. (Gramma, let's watch Dora, got it? or Let's play on the swings now, got it? or I'll have the green pancakes, got it?) Jr said he thought he'd heard it 100 times during our trip to San Francisco. But seriously. It's completely adorable.
5. This one is somewhat bittersweet, but, well, Breanne is growing up and it seems that when you are six, you might prefer to sit and play and chat with your uncle instead of just sitting on your gramma's lap while she strokes your hair and hugs you tight. I'd been told this might happen, and really, I'm okay with it, at least the growing up part, but dang, again, something I didn't see coming that I should have sensed and maybe prepared for, as if I knew how to do that. But then just when I think I'll be okay with it all, she slides onto my lap or rushes up and wraps her arms around my neck and gives me a tight squeeze and I realize she is still my granddarling, but just needs to be herself and oh boy am I very much glad to see her become her own person. I'm good with that.

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Joey said...

Time spent with little ones is the most rejuvenating time spent anyway. Ha, and some people think that time spent fishing is the way to go.

Sweet stories, sweet memories.