Saturday, June 23, 2012

a gift

This morning, we rose early and headed to my parents' house.  We met up with other family members, all of us dressed in work clothes.  Not going to work clothes, but actual jeans and shorts and t-shirts.

We spent the next three hours digging and weeding and installing edging around mom's flowerbeds to try to hold the grass back.  We gathered up debris and planted flowers in beds and in pots.  Jr put together a chair that mom purchased recently.  Some of us removed heat vent covers in the house, washed them, and reinstalled them. 

Even though there is still plenty of work to be done before the yard is up to mom's usual high standards, it looked somewhat better.  Even though there will always be more projects, we checked at least a few of them off the list today.

It was a whole lot of fun.  It feels good to work together.  I always enjoy spending time with my siblings, love watching my kids with their cousins, delight at seeing the next generation playing together.  It was warm, but there was a bit of a breeze and lots of shade.  Tall glasses of cold water.  Laughter, visiting, spending time together.

We plan to do it again, one family each week and then all of us again in a month.  I'm looking forward to it.

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Joey said...

What a good plan! Many hands make light work. And to turn it into a family get-to-gether is genius.