Sunday, June 3, 2012

pondering and a big announcement

I'm sitting in my rocker in the study with my cup of tea where I've been sitting for the past hour.  The dogs are out back in the cool morning.  All three cats are with me, just the way they like it.  While sitting here, I watched the sky change from night to morning and listened to the birds waking.  I heard a few drops of rain.

I realize not everyone is a morning person but this is my favorite time of the day.  The quiet--no, not quiet, but calm stillness of the house.  It isn't really quiet--the animals are moving about, eating, drinking, settling in for naps.  And there's a train whistling a few miles away.  And there are the birds outside.  Always the male robins first and then all of the others I can't identify but recognize from years of hearing bird sounds in my part of the world.

Morning is my best time for pondering.

We're getting a new grandbaby.  Yes, yes we are.  A boy.  In October.  In California.  There are people around here who are pretty dang excited about that.  The boy part in particular.  Some people have been delighted by the bounty of girls and others have been surprised by the lack of boys around here.  Some of us never dared imagine we would be blessed with so much femininity after generations of mostly maleness. 

Me?  I'm very excited to meet a new grandbaby.  I wish I could be there to watch in person as my girl's belly grows.  We still need to figure out if/how/when I should go there.  Because I'm a sitter and a waiter and a helper.  As much as I can be a chatter, I am also very good at sitting and being still.  Waiting and watching.  Helping when needed.  I've never had to figure out that whole travel thing in order to be there to sit and wait and help.  Just as some took for granted that we would have mostly male heirs, I took for granted that everyone would always be near.

So there you go.  Life throws you curves. 

I'm pretty sure we'll figure it out though.

And most of all, I couldn't be happier for my girl to be adding another soul to her family.  I can't hardly wait.


Lisa B. said...

beautiful post. so happy for you and your family. I hope you do get to go there--there's something lovely about being in residence when the baby comes home, special dedicated time with that family and with your daughter.

(really lovely writing. I am not a morning person, but I could feel why it's a lovely thing to be one.)

Joey said...

It's funny, but that's a time you miss being close. Having someone at home that you can trust, watching your little ones while the new sibling is getting acclimated to the planet is a luxury that we took for for granted....until with #3, I had no one close to call. Your daughter will need you.

I think there should be discount flights for new grandma's to fly out as soon as labor hits. Or maybe even a free pass. Doesn't a new human on this Earth warrant that?

Congratulations on entering the world of grandsons. Lots of fun!

And Lisa is right. It's a beautiful post.

Jessie said...

We, of course, agree that you should be out here. I'm still just not sure when to tell you to come. I'll talk to my doctor at my next appointment to see if she has any ideas about when would be the latest that I'd have this baby, and I'll let you know, but I honestly just have no idea when to expect this BOY.

And I agree with the others, very pretty post.