Monday, June 10, 2013


We went to the Spruces campground this past weekend.  This beautiful place is 30 minutes from our house.

These guys met us up there--

There was serious fire-building, hot dog and s'mores cooking and eating...and of course, pancakes and bacon...

 Also, discovery of small animals and much playing amongst the trees...

Some tickling and lots of laughing...
We played Yahtzee and Aggravation and dominos and go fish.
And we talked around the fire.
Some of us slept in the trailer, some slept in their tent.
This pretty much demonstrates the emotions experienced while camping together.  
Some people said it was the perfect start to summer.  
Some called it the best.time.ever.  
There will be more of this soon.

Thanks for the photos, Shi.

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