Saturday, June 29, 2013

saturday list

Jack is out flying his planes, and Jr is at work, and I'm sitting in my chair gazing out at the back yard through the partially open french door, considering my options for today.  Rusty is laying in the corner behind Jack's chair, occasionally looking at me sideways while, I suspect, quietly farting.  JoJo is spread out on her bed in front of the fireplace, worn out from racing around menacing all of us with a savagely half-chewed up Diet Coke bottle clamped tightly in her teeth, which she shook back and forth while bucking up and down like a wild horse.  Gus is resting now but could spring alertly to his feet at any moment when he hears the buzzing of an insect as it enters the house through the slightly open door, which will require him to dart about until he has done his best to down the wily beast.

I'm still a bit foggy from the migraine yesterday.  Or perhaps the treatment of the migraine.  Either way.  I suspect I got myself too worked up over the latest comments from someone, comments on Thursday that I couldn't seem to resolve in my mind, so apparently I needed to check out from thinking for a few hours yesterday by laying in the dark, alone, waiting for the pounding to cease.  Thank you, Jack, for nailing heavy blankets over the bedroom windows and blinds, thereby darkening the room and allowing me to find peace of mind.  And thank you, Lortab, for the mind-numbing rest.

Today, right now, seems like a perfect morning to go out into the gardens, pull up a few stray weeds, maybe prune back a bit of overgrowth before it becomes a lot of overgrowth.  But there is the remnant of the fog in my head and the pounding seems ready to begin anew whenever I lean forward. 

There are dishes and laundry and a stack of papers to sort on the counter, kitty litter boxes to clean out, houseplants to water, and trash baskets to empty.  And grocery shopping since I'm on my last Diet Coke.

Or I could sit in my chair and marvel at the wonders of the internet.

I could rise and shower and dress and visit the bead store--haven't been there in a long time and I've been visualizing something red and sparkly lately.

Also, it is new purse time.  My handbag is looking shabbier and shabbier, and while I'm out, perhaps I'll find a new swimsuit?  Because swimsuit shopping is always fun or maybe could be if you find just the right suit and have an upcoming need for it.

So.  There you go.  I think if I work it right, I can find a way to accomplish all of these today.  And the headache will fade away with the memory of the feelings that brought it on.

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