Friday, July 19, 2013

happy 1000 to me

This is my post number 1,000.    That is a lot of words.  And pictures.

And what better for this special post than pictures of a huge pile of daisies from my gardens, right?  These were growing out front in the courtyard until the night before last when a monster Florida-style rainstorm hit and all of the water on the roof overflowed the rain gutters and poured onto the daisies and knocked them down.  Poor dears.

But look at how happy they are now, snuggled together in a pail on the deck out back.  If it weren't my off-Friday, I would never have thought to go out and cut them off and put them in the pail.  They would have laid on themselves in the heat of the courtyard and withered away.  So sad.  

This, this is a perfect example of why I need more off days, right?

And this is a shot of my view this morning from my chair in the dining/family room.  
Yet another reason why I need more off days, right?

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Lisa B. said...

Congratulations on 1000 posts! And that is truly an impressive and winning bounty of daisies. Lovely.