Wednesday, July 10, 2013

oh the things we saw today

Today, we hit the beach.

It was only 74 miles from Portland.  Seaside.  Isn't that a lovely name for a beach town and a beach place?

It was a delight.  A large sandy beach with a massive cliff and huge rolling waves.  Jr would have been in heaven.  We walked almost all the way to the cliff and back.

I'm still not very good at these selfie shots, but this is a pretty good likeness of Eileen.  I was concentrating on taking the picture and didn't pay attention to getting both of us smiling in it...

I could not believe these signs we saw were real.  But we asked at The Crabby Oyster where we had dinner ( and chips) and our waitress said yep, they have an evacuation route.  But--knock wood--they haven't ever had to use it.  Yet.

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