Friday, May 16, 2014

about blogging

There are a couple of things, okay, maybe three that I really like about blogging.

1. When my favorite bloggers post so I can read their stuff.  You know who you are, right? 
2. When I post, thereby documenting some event or thought or other thing in my world. 
3.  When I get comments.  Okay there I said it.  Apparently this is all about me.

Okay, maybe it isn't all about me, but I do really like reading your posts and your comments.  And sometimes writing feels really good.


Lisa B. said...

1. Comments are the best. 2. And/Or: writing is the best. 3 And also, it is the best when your blogging world starts to hum with new posts. In other words, everything that you just said is true--I have witnessed, that means two of us, and thus it is true.

(p.s., how are you feeling?)

Amelia said...

Writing is so wonderful... and I'm always glad to see when you blog and hear about your adventures.