Wednesday, May 14, 2014

out of the blue

We walked down the stairs to the parking lot after work today, such a clear blue sky, sunny day. 

As we settled into the car, I asked Jack if eating carrots had ever given him hiccups.  I noted his puzzled look and continued, telling him that I'd been eating carrots at my desk and quite suddenly developed the hiccups.  He continued to look at me, still puzzled, as I told him about deciding to google the name of the company that is merging with our employer, and while reading about the merger partner, must have forgotten about the hiccups and they ended.

Jack wondered aloud whether carrots caused hiccups or if perhaps the internet, google in particular, cured hiccups.  We laughed together, and then with no warning, I felt the numbness beginning in my arms, the pain in my chest and shoulders, the inability to breath.  I could hear Jack, sounding far away, asking if I was okay, and could also hear gasping and low moaning, which, I suspected was coming from me.

Jack reminded me of the little white pills in my purse and helped retrieve them when I couldn't.  I heard him open the bottle and offer one of the pills to me.  I fumbled it into my mouth, under my tongue, and then waited for it to take effect, to calm, to ease.  It quickly did its job.

Silly me, thinking that just because the doctor gave me a diagnosis, I wouldn't experience that feeling again.  So glad I had the nitro in my purse.  Glad this thing, whatever it is, is a nuisance and not a serious health issue. 

Still not sure if I'll eat carrots again.

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Jessie said...

Hard boiled eggs give me the hiccups.

So glad Dad was there to help you find the pills!