Monday, July 7, 2014

independence weekend

My what a long weekend. 

It included zumba and visits with friends and shopping and grilled burgers and hot dogs and the best.ever.chicken, all cooked on the new fancy grill out on the deck.

And there was another 5k.  This race included hills, real ups and downs, and lots more runners, which was a little intimidating maybe, but they stilled kicked the race's butt.

These guys have got the running fever.  Here they are pre-race, obviously totally pumped:

And here they are post-race:

Not much difference, right, except the one on the right ran the whole way this time, and the one on the left ran this one in less time than the race last week, even with the hills.  Pretty amazing.

And to finish off the all-American feel of this independence day weekend, we're headed to a baseball game tonight. 

Hot dogs all around, that's what I say.  And ice cream.  Any maybe peanuts in the shell.


oh...update to last week's race...I've been told I misunderstood some people's finishing place.  To be clear, I wasn't trying to brag or boast, and I try to keep it honest on this blog.  I was just misinformed.  But still.  You guys, my family completed a 5k.  And by completed I mean some of us walked, some ran, and some babysat.  Go team.

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