Thursday, September 18, 2014

and then jessie had a great birthday

A few months ago when Jack and Stu decided to go for a run at Bryce for my birthday, I had hoped to get the whole family together for the weekend, but then I checked mapquest and realized it is nearly as far to Bryce from San Jose as it is to Salt Lake.  And since we'd all just recently been together for the first big 5K run, I suspected the Californians wouldn't be joining us at Bryce.

And I was right.

But as soon as we realized they couldn't join us, Jack pointed out that we needed to get plane tickets so we could fly to San Jose for Jessie's birthday in September. 

So I did.  And possibly because we fly on or around 9/11, once again, we got a pretty good deal on plane tickets.  And also reserved a room at the nearby Marriott that has a great indoor pool so Jessie's fam could come over every day for a swim.

Last Friday, Jack and I headed to the airport for the quick hop over to San Jose.  Almost as soon as we got there, Jack asked Jessie what was new and her response--oh, nothing and everything--was the start of the best news.  Not only did she confirm my suspicions that she is expecting another baby (late April), but she was scheduled for an ultrasound on her birthday, which meant we could join her if we wanted.  (IF?)  And then she threw in a bit of other hopeful news--Cory is interviewing for a position at a company in Utah County, and it is likely they will be back home soon.

Fingers crossed.

We ate pancakes and went to the beach and the girls planned a party for their mom.  And we went swimming in the hotel pool.  And who knows, this might have been our last visit to their house in San Jose.

 this one is growing up so fast
 she thought this was too close up.  I disagree.
 chillin' by the pool
 I have about ten versions of this same shot.  Tongue out, foot up.
 More chillin' by the pool.
 Clearly some directions being given to someone...
 Adorable.  Obviously.
 post shopping...they did a fine job on the gift front.

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