Wednesday, November 5, 2014

look at that

Another week has passed.  I only realized that when I started looking at photos on my phone.

It was Halloween so there was much decorating by Jr and some pretty hilarious frightening of the trick or treaters.  Yes, there were a few moments when I thought Jack and I should have been hanging our heads in shame for laughing out loud while watching through the front windows as Jr and Joe made teenage boys squeal like girls.  But it

Stu and Shi and their bunch stopped by for a stroll through the scary bits on their way to a hockey game.

The weary knight--

The wild dragons--

  And the parents/hockey fans--

Then on Saturday we went to a hockey game with Stu and the kids.

 And the girls hung around after the game to get their t-shirts autographed.

Saturday was the drummer's birthday and he and Whitney invited us over for dinner on Sunday.  And because it was his birthday, we had to have pie so I made some.  It is, after all, autumn, which is definitely the season for pie.  And once again, I pronounced it my best pie ever.

It's been a bit chaotic around here.  We usually work on a project for three weeks and then take a three-week break, but there has been no time to stop for a break this time.  We have moved to the basement but yesterday we stayed at the new hotel a few miles away because the floor installers were here to apply the first coat of sealer on the new hardwood and nothing living could be in the house for a day.  The pets all headed to Stu's house, along with Jr who graciously agreed to babysit them.  Tonight we are all back home, albeit having to go out back to get to the kitchen since the stairs are still blocked for a while to keep the pets and their sharp little claws off of the floor for a few weeks. 

Jack assures me that in a few more days the floors will be done and by Thanksgiving we'll have everything put back together.  Man I hope he's right.

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Shi said...

Those are some great pics! and yes it will soon be over and you will be in love with your "new" house :D