Thursday, November 6, 2014

optimist that i am

Yes this project has gone on for a while, and yes it's been somewhat major.  I don't remember another project when we couldn't sleep in the house for two nights.  I don't remember a project that required us to keep the pets in the basement, which means we have to go out the basement outside door, walk up the outside steps and onto the deck in order to get into the kitchen because the stairs inside are blocked. 

I don't remember ever, in all of the years of our marriage, Jack and I sleeping in such a small room.  It's a basement room, so the ceiling is a little low. 

But let me just switch this post from a somewhat whiny complaining rant to a far more upbeat post.  Let me just tell you that the tiny room we're sleeping in is in the basement, but at the back of the house, so it is quiet.  And cozy.  And warm. 

And when we're all in bed (Jack, me, and the dogs) I can reach the light switch on the wall by the door without hardly stretching to turn off the lights. 

And lest I forget, when I take the clean clothes out of the dryer (and carry them out back, down the stairs, and into the basement), I can dump the clothes basket onto the bed and fold the laundry directly into our dresser drawers without having to take more than one step to the dresser and two steps to the closet to hang up the clothes that need to be hung up. 

It's really a pretty sweet set up for putting away laundry.  And for sleeping.

And there was the first night when we slept in there that the dogs ran in and hopped up on the bed, facing the way they always did up in our bedroom upstairs.  They like to face the door that is located on the east side of the room as opposed to the door in the basement bedroom that is on the west side of the room.  It took them a few minutes to re-orient so they were facing west.  They were just a little bit sheepish for only a while. 

See, you just have to look for the good things, the tiny bit funny stuff.  And appreciate the cozy warm quiet things.  And look forward to getting everything back in its place.  Soon.

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