Friday, July 31, 2015

simple pleasures

My office phone rang yesterday afternoon.  It was the drummer's number.

I still get a little bit anxious whenever I see his number on my caller ID because he used to call so rarely.  So of course, I always worried that it would be bad news.  Not that it really ever was.

Anyway.  Yesterday.

He was calling to tell me he and his wife were going to give their new little baby a bath and he wondered if I wanted to come over and participate.

Such a sweet, thoughtful gesture.  Of course I wanted to come over and help.

If I were to make a list of my favorite things, just off the top of my head, it would look something like this:

1.  Spending time with my kids.
2.  Bathing my grandkids.
3.  Eating my homemade pie.

Just off the top of my head.

Last night, I did two of those three things.  Went to their house, filled the little tub with warm water, washed her delightfully formed head with its fine covering of dark hair, dipped her tiny body into the tub, carefully washed every bit of her delicate skin, wrapped her snugly in the hooded towel I made for her, slathered her in baby lotion, and then fastened her wee diaper around her adorable baby bottom.  I will admit to struggling a bit to get her nightgown over her head and pulled down around her feet, but only because it had a really small elastic band around the bottom and it had those little hand-covering mittens for her hands.  As soon as I unfolded those mittens, her tiny fists popped out and the gowning almost instantly was complete.  Such perfectly formed hands and fingers.  Why would we cover them up?

Next, I was ready to wrap her up in a blanket and rock her to sleep but they prefer to use one of those baby straight jackets, so I waiting while they strapped her in (they are trying to keep her from hitting herself in the face with her frequently flailing arms).  Even velcroed into her baby burrito blankety-thing, she was adorable.  We rocked together for nearly two hours, and I did my best to not eat her up, her sweet babyness so near and so total. 

Plus--good time all around, talking and catching up with the drummer and his wife. 

Somebody should have taken pictures. 

Now I need to make pie.

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