Saturday, August 1, 2015

and then because life is good

Last night, I got to see my other eight grandkids.  At my house.  Together.  Playing together, eating pizza (well not Gwen because she's a baby), but everyone together and happy almost the entire evening.

Snapshot in time to remember--in my mind because I didn't have a camera or phone handy--I peeked into the toy room to see seven of them (because sweet Gwen was with her mom and dad and Meredith was with her mom and dad), but all seven were huddled together near the open closets in the toy room, some sitting, some standing close, all involved with the same pile of toys or imagining the same adventure story they had created--all seven so close together they would have all fit in the same picture. 

Seven kids, all grinning, all participating.  A video game-loving nine year old girl down to a ball-throwing boy a year and a half year old and still able to play together.  It was a great moment and a perfect example of this good time of life.

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