Monday, September 28, 2015

a bit of perspective

Jack and I spent last week in Yellowstone with Stu and his family.  It was awesome.  Lovely.  Brilliant.  Beautiful.  Inspiring.  Fun.  Entertaining.

I was going to blog about the trip last night after our eight-hour drive home, but I was too tired.  Today I'm glad I waited.  I had a post in my mind that included talk of doing work/working while on vacation in the most amazing place on earth.  Also words about numerous calls and texts about issues with Jack's mom.  Perhaps more words about sickness--colds and other more worrisome ailments--while on vacation.  And maybe even other words about the way vacations can seem chaotic and frenzied.

But today, with the perspective of a day apart from all of that, the things I remember are these:


ice cream at Old Faithful



family hikes to waterfalls

mud pots, hot springs, and geysers, including the ever-dependable Vixen geyser that gives a swell performance every 3-5 minutes, ending with the sound of hot water flushing, draining down into the earth

Jack and I exploring Mammoth, the perfect example of the ongoing change in Yellowstone.  Also a great closeup of my sunglasses frame.

and the animals, oh the animals--seriously who doesn't love a baby bison?  Just ask Ellie.  She loves baby bison.

and the birds--ravens everywhere along with geese, ducks, swans, and so many others.  Did you know ravens talk in more than just cawcawcaw?  Yes, they have a warbling throaty sound too.

 and elk, elk, elk--close, far, bugling madly

because we were very lucky and because we got up early, we saw a bear go over the mountain

and because we were even luckier, we watched a black wolf run across a valley with a magpie nagging and pestering him (or her)

 (not the badger we saw but a good internet representation)
we came across a badger--she (or he) about to cross the road as we rounded a bend but changing her (or his) mind and turning back up the mountain, scuttling under logs and around sage and disappearing before we could get a good picture to share.

we were literally on the range where we said give me a home, where the buffalo roam, where the deer and the antelope play, because they were playing--tag, I think


 and this, this is the way my face looked and the way my whole self felt for almost the whole glorious time.


Jessie said...

Well how else would the Raven quoth nevermore?

So glad you had fun.

Lisa B. said...

OH my gosh. You saw so many animals! wolf and bear and BADGER??? Awesome. This looks like it was an amazing trip. xoxo