Thursday, February 24, 2011

drumming and a reuben sandwich and mighty fierce love

Tonight, I had a reuben sandwich--something I do approximately every five years, because that sandwich is so full of weird stuff that I can't eat one any more often than that.

Then Jack and I went to watch the drummer perform with one of the performing groups at his school. The drummer was probably the star of the show while playing this:

It's a log drum that Jack built. His next project is a marimba. And actually, the main star of the show may have been a world-renowned Native American flute player. But the drum was still very cool.

I felt a little sad for the percussionist whose dad must not have been capable of building a log drum and instead glued sandpaper on two blocks of wood for him to rub together.

And I was downright bummed out for the kid whose dad gave him just two rocks to hit together.

Okay. Maybe those are instruments the score called for--prayer rocks--but really, isn't that log drum seriously cool?

The drummer also played lots of other percussive items, but it was so clear that his favorite drum is the bass drum. Lots of kids might think hitting a bass drum is boring, but my drummer gets every possible bit of music out of the bass drum.

The kid on prayer rocks did his best too.


I'm just throwing in the next three pictures for free so you can get an idea of the L.O.V.E. that we are swimming in around here:

You thought it would be pictures of the drummer and his girl, didn't you?

In response to recent comments, 1) they will wed sometime around the end of May, 2) Jessie's family is moving to northern California as soon as they find someplace to live, and 3) only one of my friends has all of her grandchildren living nearby, so I too shall figure this out and make the best of it and thank you for your support.
Oh, and it occurred to me today that I'm a bit proud of my gray hairs and my wrinkles. I've earned them.

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Johanna said...

Amazingly cool drum. I wouldn't even know how to begin going about building such a thing.

Ah, a reuben...the perfect mix of flavors; the imperfect sum of calories. I get it. Sometimes you just have to splurge.

And Northern California is a day away in a really long car trip. I guess I know what you will be doing with your vaction time. But, yeah. It's so hard to have them gone. What's the timetable for that?