Tuesday, March 29, 2011

and about that vision

Today I wish I could see better.

I wish I could see why somebody would smash giant holes in the windows of two of our vehicles that were parked in our driveway, grab Jack's tiny little meaningless day planner, and the drummer's two winter coats and his backpack that contained his Hebrew textbook, three library books on Rachmaninov or someone like that, a book of Beethoven's sonatas, and his Hebrew homework.

I mean, I would think that anybody with an ounce of smarts would steal the power tools that Jack had moved from the rental house to the back seat of his truck because he was worried that somebody might break in to the vacant house and steal the thousands of dollars of tools he was using in the rental house.

I can't see what that was about except that maybe that protective bark Gus let out late last night scared them off, but then again, the truck would have been parked in the garage but for the two couches that are in the garage because of Gus and his formerly-bad behavior.

So that looks like some type of balance in the world, right?

Oh, and if you see any of those books for sale on e-bay or craig's list or something, let me know, okay?

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Johanna said...

It just makes me so angry. I had a box of cookbooks ($55, 11 cookbooks @ $5 a piece clearance price) delivered to my front door. Some guy just walked off with the package. I could only think about how he probably dumped them in some dumpster somewhere. It still makes me furious.

I will never, and I mean never, understand the mindset.

Glad the tools were spared. Happy the tools were spared. Sorry about everything else.

And you live in a nice neighborhood, too. Go figure. You almost expect it in my hood.