Friday, October 7, 2011

has this been the longest week or what?

One visit to the ortho
One visit to rehab
One visit to the vet
One visit to the hospital
Two nights at school
Five days at work
Twelve assignments due

1. Shoulder is healing on schedule
2. Haven't lost any range of motion and have, in fact, gained a bit
3. Oscar. Peeing on the furniture is apparently not a sign of rage but may be, in fact, an indication of a urinary tract infection in a male cat. Have you ever tried to get a cat to take antibiotics in pill form? With this cat, it includes growling, hissing, running, hiding, snarling, scratching, biting--rinse and repeat after peeling pill off his face or shoulder or leg.
4. Stu. More of the usual for him. Except this visit was scheduled to begin at 5:30 a.m. Really? Then why didn't they take him in for the procedure until 7:15? But he's home and okay.
5. Driving. Eating fast food. Sitting. Absorbing. More driving.
6. The new boss left last week for a new job. Is this good? No boss--but then--no boss.
7. Seriously. Five classes--shouldn't that equal, at most, five assignments per week? No, apparently not. The two in-class classes? Two assignments and one take-home killer test. The three online classes? Two assignments, three assignments, and four assignments respectively.

Oh--then there's that one day when I checked my graduation tracking online only to see that the online tracking app thinks I have eight classes before graduation instead of four after this semester.

And Steve Jobs died. The guy who changed my world. Okay, maybe not him, but his company. But him too, because his health issues include some that are close to my heart.

And just to add some whipped cream and a cherry on top of this week, while bending over to plug in my computer this morning at the hospital, my back did its old favorite trick--may I have a large dose of muscle spasms, please? Just enough to almost put me on the floor. Thank you very much this week.

Between the ache in my right shoulder and the pain in my left hip, I can no longer pull up my own pants.

Well, that isn't exactly true. But only because I refuse to accept help with this most basic task.

Can I please end this week by participating in a most exciting Fleetwood Mac musical adventure while wearing my newly acquired attire?

If I am upright, I'm there. If not, I'm sleeping in that dress. If I can put it on.


Lisa B. said...

this post was so tragic that I could not have predicted that ray of sunshiny sunshine that ended it! I hope to see you at the Fleetwood Mac-ery. xoxo

Jessie said...

That does sound like an awfully long week. But hey, saturday now? And no more crazy shooter guy on the streets here? And I just made pumpkin spice rice crispy treats? And the image in your head of me attempting to dress like Jessica Rabbit for a dinner party tomorrow night? And last but not least, I put up pics of Janey pushing Cailin in the baby stroller on fb? All things to be happy (ier) about.