Friday, October 14, 2011

i'm smiling right now

Last week I checked my graduation status online. Shocked to learn I had eight classes to complete after this semester instead of four. Stewed about it all week and finally called my adviser yesterday. Excited to learn that I just need to send a complete transcript from SLCC that shows my associate's degree and shows I already completed those four additional classes. And my adviser decided to give me credit for one of my remaining four classes since I've already taken it too.

Three classes next semester and I'll graduate.

On another equally high note, guess who got 96 on her family law test that she worked herself into a frenzy on last week? May I also modestly admit that 96 was the class high? Average was 73.

So there you go. Hard work may just pay off. I'm smiling right now.


Shi said...

wahoo!!! that is very good news!

Lisa B. said...


You are the boss.