Wednesday, November 23, 2011

dinner before the feast

Tonight, for dinner on the eve of the feast day, we had mac and cheese. Not homemade, cheesy, lovely mac and cheese.

No. We had Kraft mac and cheese.

There. I admitted it.

In fact, I am now about to post all of the reasons why I like Kraft mac and cheese. Right here. Now.

1. It's easy. Duh. Of course.
2. Dinner in less than 15 minutes. Possibly not truly dinner, more like warm stuff on a plate, or in a bowl because it's much easier to eat from a bowl than chasing it around on a plate, right?
3. The way the mac sticks to the bottom of the pan when you first pour it into the water and then you stir it up and in just a few moments all of the little macs are boiling and rising and falling. I like that.
4. The smell of the cooked pasta when the timer goes off. A smell from my children's childhood.
5. Less than five ingredients, which according to an article I read today in Glamour magazine while waiting to see the eye doctor (pow! I made a funny) anyway, the article was about a big size woman who had spent years telling people to love their big bodies but eventually realized that it is also important to help your body be healthy and big...anyway, one of the ways she recommended losing weight was by eating food with less than five ingredients. That took a while to get to now didn't it?
6. Watching the dogs leaping about me and the mac and cheese pan in the kitchen begging me to let them lick it out.

Which I did. And tomorrow we'll eat real food and feel thanks.

Hope you have a happy one.

And then, the next morning, Jack and I will hop into his truck and head west because two mornings ago on the way to work I said I was going to miss seeing the Californians at the Thanksgiving table and Jack said, "Well, why don't we go see them?"

So off we'll go.


Lisa B. said...

I love this post.

a. because I too love the Kraft m&c, and
b. it is really good if you cut up a hot dog in it, and
c. because I love that you're going to California.

--safe journey!

Amelia said...

I feel if I mix up some frozen peas with the pasta. And then cook it, it is a very healthy meal. Enjoy California!

Joey said...

Ah, Sista! I can't agree with you on this blog. Not a fan of the neon orange food.

But so glad that you are headin' out to the land filled with grandchildren that is. Happy Visit and Happy Thanksgiving!