Saturday, November 12, 2011

well there's this, but there's this

On the complaining side, there's this:

Broken boiler for the past week means no heat in the house,

The repair of the boiler required the turning off of the natural gas--twice--which meant no hot water for morning showers because that pilot light thing that happens when it goes out and has to be relit or you get no hot water happened,

The repair of the boiler was interrupted this morning when the something something valve blah blah blah broke, so the water had to be shut off all day because Jack and Jr had to go buy parts and more parts and even more parts,

Oh and the garage door closer only works when it wants to, which is unrelated to the broken boiler, cold water, and no water, but a pain just the same and would be more so except that we can't park a car in there anyway because of the heap of Halloween decoration debris that has filled up the car parking spaces,

And for some unknown but apparently somewhat related reason, the internet was down for a couple of hours today too.

But then there's this:

The water is back on.

The water heaters are heating water.

The gas fireplace in the dining room is still--cross your fingers--blowing out hot air, even though it has been given quite the workout this week and it feels like it's at least 80 degrees in there so you have to decide, 80 degrees in there or 50 degrees anyplace else in the house.

The internet is back.

We discovered a La Frontera just two miles from our house. Oh yeh. Almost makes up for the lack of heat and warm showers.

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