Wednesday, December 7, 2011

how do people do it?

It's that time of year again. The time when I realize that Christmas is in two and one half weeks and I must give in to the pressure and make a list or two and get into that whole Christmas spirit thing.

What has happened to cause me to lose the excited anticipation? Did it dwindle away as my children grew up? If I had unlimited funds would it feel like more fun? Would a live tree cheer me in ways that the boxed tree in the basement storage room cannot? If we had snow would I be secretly plotting and smiling?

I started today thinking of possible gifts for family, friends, and neighbors, and strongly considered a trip to the Christmas tree lot to purchase a live tree. The thought of baking the traditional cookies of my youth, mixing up a bunch of tasty cheeseballs, cooking a batch of toffee--all of these have stirred in me a bit of enthusiasm.

Wait--there--feel that? It's coming back.


Jessie said...

Can we please have cheese balls when I come? And any of the other stuff, but mostly the cheese balls?

Lisa B. said...

I am at the Announcing I Am About to Get a Tree stage of the Here Comes Christmas Like a Freight Train project. I have, I admit, entertained a thought or two about baking. Yes I have.

Johanna said...

Oh, your girls are coming? So glad!!!

Jake Wilde said...

So um you should let me help with all of that. Firstly I like Christmas Tree Shopping. Secondly, I love to bake and i have some stress to get rid of. Thirdly i should probably learn how to make those cookies. And lastly, i want to make russian teacakes they are my favorite. Maybe we can even make those anise flavored cookies. Hugs and Kisses, Jr.

Johanna said...

Do you loan him out? :)