Friday, January 18, 2013

sometimes i'm so very productive

Today was an off-Friday and I was feeling productive.  I cleaned the bathroom cupboards and drawers.  I washed and dried the sheets and will have to get them back on the bed soon.  I cleaned out and organized the storage room downstairs and now have another pile of stuff to take to the local charity.  There are two boxes of wires and floppy disks that need to be sorted out, packed away, or tossed out.

And tonight, Stu and I went back to pottery class.  In his speedy new car.  Something pretty great about riding in a car that has enough power to push you back into the seat when the drive accelerates.

I realized tonight I do not only make bowls.  I made two vases.  Stu and I rocked out to 80's tunes, much to the delight of our classmates and teacher.  Last week's project was ready for trimming.  It changed from a smallish bowl/teacup with no handle into this:

I'm not sure, but I think it may be a small flowerpot now.  Or perhaps a paperclip holder.  Art is so subject to interpretation...

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