Sunday, January 6, 2013

working on it

Been working on my resolution.  Trying to find a home that makes sense for everything instead of living with the chaos in the hidden places.

I started by cleaning out my dresser drawers, in particular the top one that was stuffed full of various jewelry boxes I've collected over the years.  That drawer and those boxes were full of memories--Boy Scout awards and pins, cards from my kids, including a card from Jessie that came with a dozen coupons offering services (babysitting, dishwashing, bathroom cleaning, and one for a full-day of arguing-free kids although she noted she couldn't guarantee that the boys would behave).  I found a case full of jewelry my mom used to wear to work, another that contained jewelry that was my gramma's (mostly silver chains, crystals, and pearls), and also a couple of boxes with the jewelry of my childhood, my teen years, and my early marriage time.  So many memories.  It took me several hours to open and remember all of those boxes, but it was time well spent and I successfully condensed and grouped everything quite tidily.

I also cleaned out the cupboards in my master bathroom.  Who knows where I got so many bottles of lotion and foaming hand soap and so many partial bottles of shampoo and hair conditioner?  I don't know if anyone who comes to my house might be interested in any of the lotions and I'm not sure if the local charities accept stuff like that but at least I've organized it all and disposed of the old prescriptions and the mostly emptied make-up containers.

I also organized a couple of cupboards in the kitchen.  This one used to contain a bit of everything (the cheese grater, platters, candy dishes, serving bowls, Corningware, and Corelle dishes) but now it only holds serving bowls and Corelle dishes.  (The grater is now in the sharp-stuff drawer, the platters are all together in one place, the candy dishes and Corningware each have a place now.)

This cupboard used to have my pie plates and Tupperware pie takers, serving bowls, platters, big mugs, a couple of little storage bowls, and my cookie press.  Now it only has water mugs and insulated cups, pie plates and pie takers, the cookie press, and the little storage bowls.  The red bowl usually sits above this cupboard on the counter with fresh fruit in it, so as soon as I buy some fresh fruit, it will be back in its usual spot.  No more mugs and insulated cups in every cupboard.

This closet in the diningroom is probably the part of my resolution that I'm most proud of so far.  When we moved into this house ten years ago, I just wanted to get everything out of boxes and out of sight.  This closet was a very convenient place to put stuff.  I could go on and on about the stuff in this closet, but I think the pictures below say it all. 



Still a lot to do, but so much better, right?


Jessie said...

That all does look amazingly better! I'm seriously impressed. And also I want to know what you did with all the stuff, like the M-less encyclopedias.

Wayman Fam said...

Very impressive! You can come to my house next :)