Friday, January 4, 2013

time with my kid

For Stu's birthday this year, he asked if instead of simply transferring money into his bank account, would I be willing to go to pottery-making classes with him?

Seriously?  Would I be willing?  Silly boy.  I'd love to do anything with him, including playing with clay.

Tonight was our first class.  The only negative about the whole experience was that our hands were too messy to take pictures.  But boy was it fun.  I made three bowls and Stu made two bowls and one bowl that flattened out and became a plate.  So maybe that plate won't actually be a plate but might become a new bowl next week.  We'll see.

We left our creations drying until next week when we'll to back to trim them and then they'll get baked so we can paint them the next week and then leave them for a final baking. 

You see, pottery doesn't happen overnight.

And those irregularities that might be considered flaws if they occurred in a manufacturing setting?

Character.  Little bits of character in the bowls we created with our own hands.

We laughed, visited, and made art.  Together.  Such a good idea.

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Lisa B. said...

What a wonderful idea! It's a present you give each other. Beautiful. I hope there will be pictures to come of your pieces?