Saturday, February 2, 2013

some things never change

Like the joy I feel when I knock on the front door and then peer through the side window to see little faces as they change from puzzled to recognition to delight as they mouth the words, "Mom, Gramma's here!" 

Or the happy satisfaction after waiting for the bell to ring, classroom door opening, students pouring out, watching as she leaves her classroom, walks a few steps, looks up, makes eye contact, her face breaks wide in excitement and her biggest smile and she bolts, into a full run, leaping into my arms, while exclaiming, "Gramma!  You're here!"

Or yesterday morning, sitting on the couch with the baby boy, cooing and talking and smiling, when Janie yells from the other room:

"IALKSDJAHF:D"  (unintelligible)
"I love you too."

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Joey said...

It truly is better than anything I ever could have imagined. And to know that you make someone feel that happy just because they know you love them is the sweetest ever.