Monday, February 25, 2013

clutter update

This year is almost two months old and, well, you, my three readers, probably need an update on me and my resolution to de-clutter, right?

I'm certain you'll be most delighted to know that all of the clutter-collecting places in my house have been cleared, except for four--the cupboards in the laundry room (two of them, but I'm counting them as one thing of the four remaining); the linen/photograph stash closet in the hall (yes, this is another place that contains items that don't necessarily belong in the same place); the little closet in the study (not the regular closet, but the little one next to it in the corner, which makes no sense, really, who builds two closets in one room when one larger size would suffice, and then, who turns it into a craft/junk closet?); and the deep freezer (yes, it needs to be organized or at least cleared of the stuff that has a "use by date" older than say June 30, 2012 ).  Maybe I'll finish up the resolution this weekend. 

This morning at 3:00 I figured out why I keep waking up at 3:00.  Or at least I developed a theory, which involves Little Black Cat Weezer coming upstairs at that time to eat and visit quietly with Oscar and Millie.  I think I've been hearing her moving about and it wakes me.  Or, perhaps it's Gus barking and charging off of the bed that wakes me.  But either way, I may need to make a bit more progress on de-cluttering my brain so I can drop back off to sleep instead of hearing songs playing over and over and over, songs that I only know some of the words to, so I keep thinking them over and over while trying to figure out more of the words.  Ear worms.  Boo. 

Tonight, Jack mounted the tv in our bedroom on the wall so we could move furniture and then we moved the treadmill and the cardio workout exercise device back into our room.  (By we, I mean Jack and Jr.)  Now we can work out while we watch the tv.  Smart, right?  I think regular exercise may help with the mind de-cluttering and certainly can't help but aid in the slimming of my belly.  Not a stated resolution, but probably a good or even great idea. 

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