Wednesday, February 6, 2013

things to remember

We've been home for a few days now.  I want to remember these things from our last road trip to California:

1.  The giggle that rises out of my belly while honking the horn all the way through the Carlin tunnels on I-80 near Reno.  I can't help myself.  The honking or the giggling.
2.  The elaborate meals Cory prepares.  Especially the pancake breakfast with homemade blueberry syrup.  Who does that?  Cory.  That's who.

3.  Speaking of things to see on I-80, how about this

All of the times we've sped past on I-80, all I could see was a lot of stuff that for some reason reminded me of The Goonies.  But this time, we slowed down enough to realize it is actually a Nevada State Historic Site, and according to the Thunder Mountain Monument website, "five acres jam-packed with exotic folk art and architectural oddities...created over a period of three Frank Van Zant, also known as Chief Rolling Mountain Thunder...who described his roadside art park variously as a museum, a monument to the American Indian, a retreat for pilgrims aspiring to the pure and radiant heart."  I think I want to stop and spend some time there next time we're out that way.

4.  I want to remember how strong I felt while swimming in the hotel pool with Jack and the girls.  I don't remember the last time I was in a pool, moving through the water, feeling like my muscles were working and my body was burning away the excess.  The water was cool when we got in, but just as I remember from swimming as a kid, it wasn't long before I felt so good.

5.  I wish I'd taken pictures to help me remember Jack pulling the girls' caterpillar tunnel over his head down to his feet while they laughed with him and joked about him turning into a butterfly, saw him splashing in the pool with the girls, or captured a shot of him climbing up the slide with Cailin close behind.  It is good to see him feeling so much healthier.

6.  But I did get pictures to help me remember our stroll to Breanne's school playground on a delightfully pleasant northern Cali day:

 Yes, it's a long drive, broken up by small treats if you look closely for them, rewarded by time with these guys.  Totally worth it.

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