Wednesday, May 8, 2013

i have permission to post about this

Jr has been a bit concerned about his weight lately and has been trying to watch his diet and increase his activity level.  He hasn't gained anything, but he just couldn't seem to lose either, so he talked it over with his dad and decided to meet with his doctor to talk about possibly trying appetite suppression medication.  Carrying extra weight is a big health risk in our family, so they met and decided it was a good short-term option to help him lose some weight while he works on learning to make healthy choices for the future. 

Two days ago, he got up early, took the medication, and headed off to work. 

Whoa.  Apparently he's never been as focused as he is on this medication.  One of his co-workers asked him if he was okay.  He wondered what she meant.  She said he's always helpful to customers, but she had never heard him so overly friendly, happy, focused.  He said his doc had prescribed some appetite suppression drugs, which caused her to pull out a flashlight to check the dilation of the pupils of his eyes.

It seems that legally prescribed, uh, speed, agrees with him.  Over the past two days, not only did he go to work (at both jobs I think), but he stayed pretty busy in all of the other hours.  Came home and changed the oil in his car one day.  Did countless loads of laundry, which he also folded and put away.  Returned all of the now clean and folded missing towels to the upstairs bathroom.  Cleaned his room beyond anything I've seen in a long time.  Vacuumed the basement, stairs, his room.  Cleaned his bathroom.  Helped with dinner, ate half what he usually would, cleared the table, emptied the dishwasher, filled the dishwasher, wiped off the counters and stove, and took out the garbage.  Found five pairs of scissors while cleaning downstairs and returned them to the drawer in the kitchen.  Asked his dad at 11:30 p.m. to not tell me about the missing scissors.  Took out several large trash bags of debris he collected from his cleaning episode downstairs.  Cleaned up the garage from his oil change and put away the tools.  Picked up JoJo's medication from the vet.  Went to the grocery store for diet coke for me.  Went to Starbucks to pick up tea for me.

And then, oh yeah, he insulated the downstairs room where the water heater and boiler are located.

Seriously, no wonder people lose weight while taking this stuff.  Less desire to eat, greater desire to be actively moving about.  I'm glad to know he's sleeping now.

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